• I am now retired. I have operated a small family farm in south Alabama, worked for the Department of Navy at a Marine Corps repair depot, was with NASA at Kennedy Space Center, Florida during the Apollo program, and retired with 27 years as an instructor of Computer Science at one of Alabama's 2-year colleges. I continued to perform custom programming, computer equipment installation, and troubleshooting for a couple of local companies until 2003. I got started collecting Maytag engines about 1993, and have been hooked ever since. Previously, I did buy/sell a lot of Maytag items and perform repair work on engines for others. I had open heart surgery in 2007 so I have scaled by my Maytag activities. I previously attended many shows in the Southeast US. The engine shows/swap meets at Portland, IN, Fletcher, NC, and Avon Park, FL have always been among my favorites. My hobbies include gardening (mostly yard work), swapping items on e-Bay, and playing with the precious grandkids. I have written a rebuild manual for the single cylinder Maytag Model 92 engine, the Maytag twin cylinder engine, and the Maytag 1/2 hp vertical style engine. The first picture is of Santa and me with our four grandchildren on Christmas 2010. The second picture is of the whole family on Christmas of 2012 and the ages range from 4 years to 94 years.