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I Buy/Sell/Trade Maytag gasoline engines, parts, and collectibles
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I am selling out of the engines parts and those items will not be restocked.
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Instruction Manuals 
Rebuilding the Maytag Model 92 Single Cylinder Engine
   by Marvin K. McCullough-----------------------------------$35
    No Longer Available !

Rebuilding the Maytag Multi-Motor Twin Cylinder Engine
   by Marvin K. McCullough-----------------------------------$35

Rebuilding the Maytag 1/2 hp Vertical Multi-Motor Engine
   by Marvin K. McCullough-----------------------------------$30
    No Longer Available !

Bosch Mag info, FY Ed 4, 4 pages------------------------------$2

Parts- Single Cylinder 3/4hp (Model 92) Engine

Bar for segment gear                          $2
Flywheel insp cover (repro)                  $10  
Kick pedal, S-243                            $15

Piston, S-251                                $25
Ratchet assembly, S-239 & S-240              $20
Ratchet top cover, S-255                     $10 
Tank cover plate, S-232                      $15
Parts- Twin Cylinder 5/8 hp (Model 72) Engine
Air inlet tube                               $10
Bar, pivot for segment gear                   $2

Exhaust manifold, S-304                      $10
Flywheel, Eisemann (specify D or DA)         $30

Points cam for Eisemann mag                  $10
Tank cover plate, S-305                      $20

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